Dining outdoors with family and friends is a well-celebrated activity, allowing groups to enjoy not only their food together but all against the backdrop of nature. While many homes across the country make an effort to have options for outdoor dining, few go further to acknowledge the potential hurdles that could occur, especially within a British climate.

For those that want to dine outdoors regularly, making their garden a well-celebrated part of their home, there are a few features that make all the difference. These five assets not only make dealing with the weather a much easier task but also add an aesthetic that can transform outdoor dining into a special event.

Heat Lamp

One of the most common issues homeowners experience when dining outdoors is temperature. The UK is not often known for its warmth and, especially during the evening, few residents are inclined to sit outdoors without assured comfort.

Heat lamps, however, have become more affordable and more efficient, discreetly sitting above seating areas with the potential to bring a great deal of warmth to open areas. These features are a small investment and will go far to ensure that you will not only be comfortable when eating in your garden but will actively want to be outside too.

Privacy Features

A common issue when dining outdoors, especially for those in well-populated neighbourhoods, is the lack of privacy many gardens offer. This can lead to a certain amount of discomfort as diners find themselves under the passing glance of neighbours and passersby.

There are, however, a number of options for comfort. Fences and hedges are traditional garden dividers but there are also freestanding screens too, those that not only offer seclusion within a garden space but also add to a chic and natural aesthetic.


Outbuildings like log cabins have rocketed in popularity for a number of reasons. One of the most celebrated is the option for outdoor dining that they offer. These covered spaces can host a bespoke and comfortable dining experience at any time of year, including winter, promising the insulation is in place!

Cabins can be multifunctional spaces and offer the assured privacy and weather protection that will encourage many to dine outdoors with more frequency.

Pizza Oven

For the gastro-inclined, a pizza oven is a worthy investment, not only improving the taste and quality of various recipes but being a central talking point of the outdoor dining experience. While their name describes only a single meal, pizza ovens are actually highly effective ovens in a number of ways and can be used to create a number of unforgettable foods.

Private Bar

A newly popular feature is to create a private bar area to complement a dining space. This feature, often taking the place of a garden shed, allows drinks to be served to guests in fun ways, becoming an essential part of dinner parties and social events. For those intending to entertain larger groups or even host events in a garden space, a private bar can be one of the best features.