This region is one of the best-known regions in Benahavis. In term of weather, views, and other aspects, it is great spot that will attract attention of people and these make the region suitable for villas and properties.  That is why you will find many luxury apartments and of course spacious villas in the region, and you can have your own in case you are interested to have one. The village is easily accessible with many nice shops and many restaurants. It will provide nice accesses for anyone who needs to get something to eat or other things that they need while staying in the villas. The restaurants will be enough to give various options of foods and menus for culinary. Even, strolling around the area will be enough to get pleasant feeling because of the nice vibe of the village.

Of course, shops and restaurants are great, but these are not enough. Fortunately, Benahavis itself offers a nice tennis club and a wide range of facilities. All the facilities can be accessed easily and it gives more reasons to get the properties and villas in the area.  It is great choice in case you love doing sport because you get nice play to play tennis and other sports. You can enjoy your activities and the facilities will make you feel more comfortable. You can choose any facilities in the area.

The Costa del Sol located in the province of Malaga is part of the Andalusia region. Its location itself is enough to provide nice living situation. In term of weather, views, and neighbourhood, it has all things needed by great place for living. That is why now here in Spain will you find so many new construction projects of apartments, villas and holiday homes as on the Costa del Sol. Many people do not want to miss the opportunity to get the great chance in promising location. It is nice place for retreat during holiday or vacation. Some people also choose to have their apartment and other property so they will be able to have their own privilege to enjoy what is offered by the greatness of the area.

New developments are ongoing 24 hours a day and more than 300 new developments under construction are currently on offer of apartments, villas and penthouses as well townhouses. IMMO ABROAD and its daughter company Development Projects have been working in the sector for 30 years and offer the entire range to find Costa del Sol property for sale. With 8 offices and a team of 50 real estate agents and experts in the region Costa del Sol Malaga, they assist many buyers in finding a dream home on the Costa del sol. It will not be difficult for buyers to get the property that they want. The agents can provide assistance and experts can provide considerations and even recommendations of place and property to purchase. Various attractive properties for sale can be found and agents will be glad to help you in case you are interested to have one. You can contact them and find what you need in there.