Coal has been used as a primary source of energy for centuries, and for good reason. It is a relatively inexpensive and abundant fuel source that is capable of producing a lot of heat. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about outdoor coal boiler and their eco-friendly benefits.

What is an Outside Coal Furnace and How Does It Work?

An outside coal furnace is a heating system that burns coal to produce heat. Unlike traditional indoor coal stoves, the furnace is located outside of the living space, which completely eliminates indoor air pollution. The furnace typically consists of a firebox, where the coal is burned, and a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat produced by the burning coal to the living space.

The Benefits of Using an Outside Coal Furnace for Home Heating

There are several benefits to using an outdoor coal furnace for home heating. The first and most obvious is the reduction in indoor air pollution. Because the furnace is located outside of the living space, the smoke, ash, and other by-products of the burning coal are vented outside, which helps to keep indoor air clean.

Another benefit is that coal is a relatively inexpensive fuel source. It is also abundant, and in some areas, it can be obtained locally, which helps to reduce transportation costs. Additionally, outdoor coal boiler is more efficient than traditional indoor coal stoves, which can result in lower heating costs. HyproTherm is one of the few manufactures in the market because it has boilers & water-less furnaces that can burn coal, unlike most others which have a fan/blower at the entrance or top and don’t have grates.  To get a coal fire going, you need a stoker fan to blow oxygen into the bottom of the flame. It’s the only way to get it burning properly. The Grates make this possible. A stoker fan in the bottom and grates are standard in EVERY Hyprotherm Furnace and they burn wood even better that most!

How does the Outside Coal Furnace heats up Your Home

An outdoor coal furnace is a heating system that is installed outside of a home or building, typically in a separate shed or building. It works by burning coal to create heat, which is then transferred through a series of pipes into the building to be heated.

The process begins with the furnace, which is typically made of steel and is designed to burn coal. Coal is loaded into the furnace and lit, creating a fire that produces heat. This heat is then transferred to water that is circulated through a network of pipes that connect the furnace to the building being heated. Once the water is heated, it is then circulated through a series of radiators or other heating devices inside the building. These radiators or devices release the heat into the air, warming the space.


An outdoor coal boiler is a great alternative to traditional indoor coal stoves for home heating. They eliminate indoor air pollution, are relatively inexpensive and abundant fuel source, and more efficient than traditional indoor coal stoves. With an outdoor coal furnace, you can enjoy the benefits of coal heat without worrying about indoor air quality.