Did you know that when choosing floors for outdoor areas, look, How to Paint Limestone wall and price are not the only things you should consider? As this coating type tends to be exposed to climatic actions, high traffic of people, and friction, some care must be taken for good decision-making. Not to mention that each environment has particularities, which means that the floor you choose for a sidewalk may not be the best option for a pool, for example. In this article, in addition to knowing some types of outdoor flooring available on the market, you will see which factors you should consider making the right choice. Come on?

Flooring For Outdoor Area: How To Choose The Best?

With so many options available on the market, it’s even difficult to choose which floors for the outdoor area to use, isn’t it? But the truth is that there are some factors you will have to consider in this choice. Firstly, the proposal for the environment in question must be considered. This is because the function of the coating may vary from floor to floor. In addition, as the outdoor area ends up having more significant contact with rainwater, the floor needs to be non-slip or have a rough texture to prevent the surface from becoming slippery. In this case, it is also necessary to observe if the friction coefficient of the chosen floor is greater than 0.4.

It is also necessary to assess whether the floors for the outdoor area will need to support the weight and intense traffic of people. In general, the abrasion resistance of outdoor floors is measured by the PEI, which must be classified between 3 and 5.

And finally, if there are children or elderly people in the house, which ends up requiring reinforcement of security if the floors for the outdoor area are exposed to the sun or under some cover and the frequency of maintenance and cleaning.

Special Care That Outdoor Flooring Requires

Another issue that needs to be clarified is that some outdoor floor floors require particular installation, cleaning, and maintenance care. This is the case with Portuguese stones from stonecenters.com for instance and slabs requiring specialized labor for their placement. The drain requires a drainage system, the wood needs to be treated, and the cement floor requires waterproofing to prevent water and grease absorption.

Regarding cleaning and maintenance, marble is one of the floors for outdoor areas that require special care, as it can stain easily. It is recommended that neutral detergent be prioritized in coatings such as cement, stone, and porcelain. On the other hand, there are specific detergents on the market for cleaning wood which does not dispense with the use of stain to protect it against the sun and rain. Furthermore, floors for outdoor areas with a porous finish also require water-repellent and oil-repellent products, never acidic.