Having a garden can be a great luxury. When looking at the value of homes that have their own private outdoor space, you will certainly see how much influence gardens can have on the price. However, certain types of land, especially the larger garden spaces, can actually encumber property values, because they require ongoing maintenance and care, often with a significant financial cost.

This, however, can be avoided and there are indeed ways to make a large garden, or one that is particularly problematic in its design, much more low maintenance, ensuring that your expenditure is not misspent. To see more residents enjoy their outdoor spaces, whether rain or shine, we’ve put together the four best ways that gardens of any form can become sources of happiness and not an obligation.

Embrace The Wild 

The word weed is interesting because no plant is actually a weed, only those that a person does not wish to be there. There are, in fact, many plants that might be considered weeds but are wonderfully beneficial flora that can bring colour, flavours, and aromas to your garden space.

By learning which plants and flowers are unintrusive and non-destructive, you can cultivate an amazing, low-maintenance wild space in your very own garden, one that you can enjoy with the need to regiment flower beds. This not only helps the quality of your soil but also encourages local wildlife to thrive, including the ever-important bee population. 

Summer House

Instead of letting your garden overgrow or become a natural space that you simply cannot enjoy during the cold and harsh weather, it might be worth considering an outbuilding. Summer houses and cabins are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners begin to see the value of having an indoor space to relax, one that is warm and private, separate from their home. These assets require little upkeep and can be designed and created to blend in with the surrounding natural aesthetics too.

Plant In Pots 

While covering your garden space in slabs or concrete can feel rather limiting, especially since the main appeal of outdoor space is often the natural growth, it isn’t necessarily a mutually exclusive decision. In fact, with a paved garden, one that prevents natural growth, you can enjoy an abundance of plant pots and use these contained growing spaces to embrace trees, shrubs, and plants, allowing them to flourish without ever becoming a nuisance. 

Rethink Its Purpose 

Outdoor spaces don’t actually necessitate nature. In fact, they can be incredibly useful for many other purposes, some of which are far lower maintenance. Assets like gym equipment or culinary features are perfect for setting up outdoors and they transform your garden into a space that allows your interests and favourite activities to flourish, all while detracting from the ongoing maintenance that wild spaces can create.

So, if you are looking for a new gym space or have always dreamed of having your own pizza oven, don’t let the initial costs put you off because you will end up saving on both time and money as the years go on!