If you’re re-designing your dream garden or maybe just updating part of it, why not consider adding a garden border? Many Landscapers incorporate garden borders in their garden designs; it’s great for adding another colour and texture, as well as some height, depending on the type of border you choose. For the best garden border ideas, keep reading this inspirational guide by Stone Zone & Landscaping Supplies!

Decorative Stone Border

We sell a huge variety of garden stones that are a very popular range within our landscaping supplies. We have decorative stones of all different colours, shapes and sizes, so you can find one that best suits your garden!

Pebbles or Cobbles

Pebbles are great for those wanting round garden stones with a smooth, shiny surface. You can buy these in sizes ranging from 8mm – 60mm. Cobbles are a larger version of Pebbles, possessing the same qualities, these are available in sizes such as 80mm – 120mm.

Our best-selling Pebbles are Scottish Pebbles; these come in a variety of different sizes and consist of an array of beautiful, natural colours. The main colours are shades of brown, including tan brown, brick red and beige.

These look great as a border around any garden feature; maybe you have a Turf Grass lawn that wants some colour, or a garden patio that needs something next to it as a colour contrast.

We have lots of other Pebbles and Cobbles available in colours such as Grey Pebbles, White Pebbles and then multi-coloured pebbles like Flamingo Pebbles. Click here to view All Pebbles & Cobbles.

Shingle or Chippings  

Shingle, Gravel and Chippings differ from Pebbles as their shape is usually more angular, meaning they are not round or smooth and are more ‘jagged.’ These sized stones tend to be more consistent, ranging from 10mm – 20mm. You can also use these types of garden stones to walk on, as they easily lock together.

Our best-selling Shingle is 20mm Shingle, however, this is usually used for pathways and driveways. For vibrant garden borders, customers tend to go for a two-tonal decorative aggregate, or a one-colour stone.

Our most popular two-tonal Decorative Chipping is Black Ice Chippings, which are classed as a premium stone made out of Basalt and Marble stone. Jet black and white colours make up these stones and they are 20mm in size.

We also have a wide range of Gravel and Chippings available; click here to view All Gravel & Chippings.

Slate or Paddlestones

Lastly, our Welsh Slate is also great as a garden border. We have four different colours available in sizes ranging from 20mm – 75mm. They are also fish-friendly which makes them great as a pond addition.

Our best-selling colour is Plum Slate; consisting of deep burgundy colours when wet, you would most likely have seen this flat stone around various commercial properties and public spaces that we have supplies throughout the years!

This is most effective when used as a smaller border, and looks particularly effective around your house for a beautiful burst of colour.

Click here to view All Slate & Paddlestones

How to add a Decorative Stone Garden Border

Decorative Stones are really easy to incorporate into your garden, especially if you want them ground level running along your garden feature, maybe running alongside an existing fence. Simply dig the area out, lay a sheet of Weed Fabric to prevent unwanted weeds coming through, add a sub-base as an option, such as Limestone Type 1, and then lay your garden pebbles to a depth of at least 50mm.

As our Decorative Stones are a natural product, they are usually covered in dust on arrival. Simply hose your garden stones off once you’ve placed them insitu, this will really help bring out the lovely colours.

Flower Borders 

You can’t go wrong with adding a plant border around your garden; this is the best way to add natural colour as well as some height. Adding garden features at different levels is great for adding more garden interest.

We have a variety of different Soils and Top Soils for those of you that want a natural garden border consisting of plants. Our best-selling Soil is our Wessex BS3882 10mm Soil which can be used for many different planting mediums.

This option not only looks great, but also encourages diverse wildlife and helps absorb carbon dioxide, making your garden a haven of clean air and wonderful wildlife.

View All Wessex Soils Here.


An easy yet effective way to border your garden features is by using Railway Sleepers. We sell Pine Sleepers and Oak Sleepers, with a cheaper option if you only need two ‘good sides;’ these are called Landscape Grade Sleepers and are ideal for garden borders.

You could either install sleepers around your garden feature to divide two separate features from each other, or you could create a raised sleeper bed. Creating a raised sleeper bed is great for adding height to your garden, especially if you’re then going to plant flowers or shrubs in these raised sleeper beds. This is a nice way of hiding a boring fence that wraps around your garden and adding more interest to your landscape.

We would recommend hiring a professional Landscaper to create a raised sleeper bed, however, if you’re an experienced DIYer, you may feel confident to take on this challenge yourself. Read How to Create a Raised Sleeper Bed here.

View All Railway Sleepers Here.

Garden Paving Border

For more specific garden features, such as garden paving, we would suggest using Cobble Setts as a paving border.

Whether you are looking at modern, manufactured Porcelain Paving or traditional, natural Stone Paving, we have a range of matching Cobble Setts for each range.

As shown in the above photo, matching Cobble Setts look great for a really sleek and professional look. However, Cobble Setts of a completely different colour also look really nice as a contrast. The best place to see our Cobble Setts is at one of our depots, where they are all laid on display.

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Turf Lawn Border

If you have a Turf Grass area, or even an Artificial Grass area, CORE Edging is a really nice way of keeping those edges looking clean and tidy all year round.

Available in different heights and a whole host of colours and finishes, you can achieve the professional-looking garden edging that you’ve been hoping for.

These flexible steel edging pieces are really easy to install and can be placed on all types of lawns.

These are available to buy in-store or online in packs of five, with instructions included on how to install.

View All CORE Edging.