Professional Pool Builders is an innovator in the field of pool construction and innovation. They offer expert pool services for the manufacture and installation of fiberglass pools. Expert Pool Builders is a leading dealer and installer of high-quality fiberglass pools in the mid-west, installing, designing, and servicing fiberglass pools.

Pool builders use only high-quality materials that adhere to all federal and state building codes. They are also experienced in making custom polyethylene swimming pool floor systems, solariums, fiberglass decks and accessories, saltwater pools, and spa systems.

Pool builders design and install state-of-the-art swimming pool equipment. They provide quality fittings, pipes, drains, lighting, chemical feed systems, and automatic pool cover adjustments. They also work on custom fiberglass pool designs and can help you decide on the proper shape, size, and type of pool to meet your specifications and budget.

Professional Houston, TX pool builder use only premium quality raw materials that are tested for durability and stability. Exterior finish options include attractive exterior color choices, stone and brick tiles, vinyl and rubber finishes, and natural or semi-natural stones. Some have overhead drains with handrails, making excavation easier. Exteriors are finished with sealants and painting, and fiberglass cover, and UV protectors. Most up-front costs will be for labor as well.

If you’re building an above ground pool and want a more traditional look, then most up-front costs will be for the concrete or cement mix. In most cases, pool builders will pour the concrete up-front and then transport and manage the project. The cost of above ground pools is dependent upon location, size, and style.

The up-front cost typically includes the pool itself, concrete slabs and surfacing, pressure liners, and reinforcement for above ground lap pools. Concrete slabs can vary in size from one foot to two feet and are used for interlocking purposes. Pressure liners serve as a second layer between the concrete and the outer shell.

Most pool builders have a website where you can check availability and price list. Some even allow you to place custom orders online. You can usually learn more about a pool company by checking its website. A quality pool company should provide solid warranties and a well-designed website. If a pool company doesn’t look professional or knowledgeable, you may want to look elsewhere.

It’s best to find a reputable contractor who can meet your needs and budget. Ask friends and family who have had custom pool designs done and ask them how they dealt with their contractors. Make sure you choose a contractor who has years of experience building custom pool designs and who seems like a good fit. Remember that choosing a contractor isn’t a decision to make lightly. Get plenty of referrals and talk to homeowners who have had similar work done before.