The holidays have come and gone, and now it’s the middle of winter. As all New Englanders know, that means low temperatures, occasional snowstorms, and lots and lots of ice. One of the most tedious routine winter tasks for homeowners in Massachusetts is the regular removal of snow and ice from driveways, porches, and pathways around your home.

In addition to the driveway, your responsibility for clearing ice and snow often extends to the driveway in front of your property. Some cities and counties have laws that provide fines for property owners who fail to keep their sidewalks in a reasonably clean and safe condition for pedestrians.

Additionally, suppose a guest or bystander is injured after slipping and falling on your driveway. In that case, you could face legal issues, and a homeowners insurance claim that could affect your policy and premium for a long time or even result in a policy cancellation. For example, a claim of this nature could deplete your home insurance coverage for medical payments if the injury is severe enough to require expensive medical interventions.

Use Salt In Moderation

Salt like rock salt for sale near me for example can damage concrete and corrode metal, which poses a hazard to pets who might ingest or step on it. Also, if salt builds up, it could make its way into local waterways as the snow melts, affecting the local ecosystem. Remember that Massachusetts law stipulates that any substance intended for snow and ice removal must be safely stored away from any water supply or groundwater to avoid causing contamination (MGL c. 85, § 7A).

Try To Buy Calcium Chloride Instead Of Sodium Chloride

Calcium chloride works at lower temperatures, requiring smaller amounts to be effective and not contain cyanide. You can also add some sand into the mix for extra traction. It may be a good idea to keep a bucket or bag of melted ice in a safe but accessible place in any rental property you own so that it can be used readily throughout the winter.

The next time the storm clouds roll in, pack your warmest gear, head out for a quick snow shoveling workout, and remember that winter doesn’t last forever and is inevitably followed by the bloom of spring or you can use companies like Ninja De-Icer for example for your snow removal.