Relocating poses a demanding endeavor. A significant 47% of recent movers indicate elevated levels of stress and unease encountered during the process. If you’re on the brink of a forthcoming move, proactive planning can substantially alleviate these pressures.

The initial step entails crafting a comprehensive inventory. From transferring utilities to securing pet or childcare services, tasks can accumulate if not methodically organized. An inventory aids in sequencing responsibilities, enabling you to address the foremost and most intricate matters first. It’s advisable to contact your chosen moving company and inquire about the availability of a moving timeline reference for perusal.

Subsequently, compile a domicile possession record. Go through each room and meticulously outline all your belongings. Any superfluous items should be discarded or preferably donated. The fewer possessions you necessitate to pack, the lighter your unpacking burden at the new destination. Make a note of any items necessitating special handling, such as delicate glassware.

Another suggestion involves consuming any perishable edibles. This not only curtails waste but also diminishes the load you carry. Empty out your kitchen cabinets and defrost the freezer if requisite, as these time-intensive duties merit prompt attention.

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Infographic provided by Best of Utah Moving, a moving company specializing in office relocation services