When your home is no longer a stronghold, it becomes an easy and attractive target for thieves. According to official statistics, even in a popular and peaceful place, ​​there are around 7,000 robberies every month. So how can we protect our homes, especially when we don’t have expensive burglar alarms installed. Learn about how to protect your school using School Security solutions installer here.

Use The Fear Of Thieves

Generally, malefactors fear detection and capture, of course. So, if you don’t intend to spend a large amount of money on security systems, stick a stamp with the caption “this location is being monitored” on the front door. Such a message will make thieves think hard before breaking into your home. They say thieves are “lazy” and always look for the easiest way. When in doubt, they will prefer not to risk it.

Get Rid Of Expensive Item Boxes Properly

When you take the huge box of a new TV, fridge, or laptop to the trash, you risk inviting unfriendly “guests” into your home and losing your groceries. Such a box will scream from the rooftops that you have a new high-value item. To avoid unpleasant problems, disassemble this packaging correctly: break it into pieces and try to mix it with regular garbage without attracting attention.


Imagine the following situation: you leave the house, and no one is there. When he is walking, already on the other side of the street, he sees a suspicious person. Possibly, that person is just waiting for you to leave the house to steal your possessions. So don’t be ashamed: turn to the house and wave your hand as if saying goodbye to someone. This way, you will create the illusion that people are in the house.

Look At The Lock

If there are scratches near the lock area, it probably means that some bad guys have already “taken a look” at it. Therefore, before entering your home, always check this area carefully so that you can react in time and not be caught off guard.

Let Light Into Your Home

Windows that have been closed for several days are a sure sign that no one is home. You will agree that few people like to live without sunlight. So, when going on a trip, leave some space between the curtains to create the illusion that someone is inside.

Plant Thorny Vegetation In Front Of The Fence And Windows

To turn the simplest fence into a natural barrier, place any thorny plant on it, such as rose or mulberry bushes. Approaching such an obstacle and staying between it won’t be easy. Under the windows, it is possible to plant bushes with roses, and the effect will be practically the same.

Do Not Give Any Information Over The Phone

Start getting suspicious if you get frequent strange phone calls and inquiries about your home or customs, work hours, or the people who live with you. This is one of the favorite methods used by thieves. In this way, they discover more details about the routine of the house and the most appropriate time to commit a robbery or even fake a kidnapping. With security system like forbel security systems you do not need to be scare of leaving your home and travelling