Modern houses and their homeowners need a place to catch up with all familial affairs. But due to the lack of spaces to meet up and most places being crowded, it can be difficult to create a great spot for relaxing. But thanks to the idea of a home bar, you can now do all the catching up in the house. Reminiscing old memories with friends is no longer a problem.  However, the perfect setup with the appropriate music, lighting, and atmosphere is very important to build a relaxing mood. A cabinet to house bottles and glassware along with comfortable seating elevates the mood. Here is a list of home bar ideas and home bar designs that will help you make your perfect home bar.

01 of 11 Garnish decor

You can use your garnishes as decor. Limes are essential when it comes to a home bar. Not only do they serve as a great cocktail ingredient but will also brighten your bar area. A bowl of limes compliments green plants inside the room. Floral curtains also add to the look.

02 of 11 Look of luxury and rust

The use of wood, bricks, hanging lanterns, replicas of old antiques can be put to achieve a luxurious rustic look. Any luxurious home bar is a spacious one. The dominant use of wood and a brick wall in the background sets up the look of your bar. Hanging lanterns and any replica of an antique-like item add more appeal to your look. This is one of those nautical seaman-like home bar designs.

03 of 11 Basement wine cellar

If you have plenty of space in your basement, you can build a wine cellar in it and make it a cosy space for hanging out with your friends and family after a daily tedious schedule of work. You can install all the necessary equipment and mellow lighting to build a soothing environment.

04 of 11 Bar with music records

What bar sounds worse than a bar without music? Music records always make the air inside a bar easy. To achieve a similar effect, display your record collection alongside your cabinet full of spirits. The retro bones of your wooden cabinet will lend to the feel that the records build.

05 of 11 Matching glassware and cabinets

If you are fond of collecting glassware, this is one of the go-to home bar ideas. You can proudly display it in your cabinet. Cobalt and lime glasses compliment deep blue cabinets. You can try experimenting with similar complimenting combinations for your home bar.

06 of 11 Sliding doors

You can introduce sliding doors to your multipurpose cabinet in your home bar. Your cabinet will not remain revealing when you are not entertaining. Sliding door cabinets are very pretty to look at when unknowing guests get to look at your spirit collection.

07 of 11 Bookshelf turned to bar shelf

Your unused bookshelf can be used to store those aromatic spirits. Clinking bottles and melodious music on records spice up any space. The wooden profile of a bookshelf will definitely help you build a home bar. This is one of the most attractive home bar ideas.

08 of 11 Mirrors in the corner

Installing a mirror on the wall, even the smallest corners in your house can be transformed into a very intelligent and elegant bar. With the glass hangers at the top, glass racks below the hangers, and bottle holders at the bottom – this simple bar design in a corner will blow the minds of your visitors.

09 of 11 Bar in the partition

The partition which divides your living room from the rest of the house is a perfect spot to install a bar. This is perfect for apartments in the city, where space is a premium commodity. Limited space should never restrict your imagination. Draw inspiration from this space and build a urbane bar with high bar stools in your house.

10 of 11 Sophistication in a closet

Imagination and creativity go hand in hand. When it comes to designing a home bar within the finite space and dimensions of your house, imagination and creativity can go long gone. Any narrow space in your closet will work for this home bar idea to function properly. With glass holders and slanting bottle racks, invite your guests to enjoy relaxed evenings or lazy afternoons.

11 of 11 Under the stairs

Building a home bar along with the flowing structure of a flight of stairs, under it, is a challenge. But the results are worth all the hard work you may have to put in. The space under the stairs is one of the commonly wasted spaces of a home. Turn it into a fully functional and stylised bar added with zestful lights, snug seating, and reflective, shiny decor.