Taking photographs that look as good as social media influencers can be difficult. There are so many backdrops, props, and snapshots that just seem to work, many of which simply do not look the same when you attempt to recreate them. While a keen eye for composition, as well as some nifty editing skills, play a small role, much of the Instagram aesthetic comes from interior design.

Successful influencers spend a great deal of time ensuring that their home is accommodating to their lifestyle. When looking over an entire feed, you may even start to suture locations together, allowing you to understand the layout of their property. Once you see their home as a well-designed asset to support their brand, you will be able to look at your own residence in a similar way.

Note from some of social media’s most celebrated brand ambassadors and influencers, here is a list of the most exciting interior design trends for 2021, those that will help you to stand out among the digital crowd and begin growing your own brand.

Iconic Colour

While walls may be appropriate for Kinfolk but by the end of 2020, it was already outdated. Influencers are now looking to make their homes stand from the minimalist and clean white aesthetics and are instead turning to bold and bright colour, which catch people’s attention.

When choosing your own colours, be sure to consider what works for your space. A signature olive green might be great in theory but if your room doesn’t have much natural light, it will hinder the quality of your photos. Purchase sheets of coloured paper and use them to take photos against. These will give you a better (and affordable) idea of how your home’s new colour will look on camera.

Dedicated Space

The lighting and styling required for many influencers to take create their content can be incredibly intrusive within the home, which is why you may notice that some broadcast and photograph from studios and decadent structures like log cabins. These dedicated outbuilding spaces aren’t an unachievable luxury and can easily become an asset of your own. By creating on in your garden or outdoor space, you will have a blank canvas for your interior design ideas, none of which need to conform to the general practicality of personal living space!

Let Your Props Speak

Every detail in a successful influencer’s content is considered. Small items of bric-a-brac, whether a seemingly surreptitious postcard or a beguiling vase, is deliberated placed within the frame. These home decorations tell stories by simply being in view. Don’t overcrowd your interior space and instead choose specific and unusual items, those from abroad uniquely created. This year, more influencers are showcasing items created by small and prestigious artisans as a way to demonstrate both their ethics and great taste.

Statement Patterns

Floral wallpapers, cottagecore aesthetics, and William Morris designs are each appearing more often on profiles and timelines as influencers seek out charming statement pieces to accentuate their homes. A popular style of pattern this year is tropical, with pinks and greens taking over walls, appearing as flamingos and palm tree leaves. It’s a bold aesthetic but, when done tastefully, is truly impressive.