Here’s the new kitchen design trend you definitely need to know about – built-in hobs. It has long been popular in western countries, and now we are seeing this kitchen trend amassing popularity in India as well. They are making their way into the typical Indian kitchen design and more and more people are preferring to have it in their home interior. If you aren’t familiar with a built-in hob, then you surely need to read ahead.

So here is all you need to know about getting a built-in hob for your kitchen design –

What is a built-in hob?

First, let us explore what a built-in hob actually is. Basically, a built-in hob is a permanent gas stove in your kitchen that is at perfect level with the kitchen countertop. This is how it is done- to create a built-in hob, there needs to be a cutout in the countertop to accommodate a gas stove, and then it is fixed with screws. It also accommodates electrical wires, gas pipes, and other kitchen essentials and conceals them, making your kitchen design look neat and tidy.

How to install a built-in hob?

If you want to install a built-in gas hob into your existing kitchen, then it is best done by a qualified professional. It needs a lot of meticulous measurements and alignment, which cannot be done on your own. Built-in hobs typically require a quartz or granite kitchen countertop, so if you don’t already have a stone countertop then you might first need to install that. And make sure you select the built-in hob before you begin to look into the kitchen cabinet design. Also choose the position of the hob in the planning phase, so that the kitchen cabinet design can be tweaked accordingly.

Why is it gaining popularity?

The reason that built-in gas hobs are getting so much attention is because they offer a very sophisticated look to your kitchen. Since this gas stove is completely at level with the kitchen countertop, it merges into it seamlessly and gives a stylish and stunning appearance. Moreover, it is perfect for compact kitchen spaces, especially in a small or a studio apartment since it saves a lot of space. But even in larger kitchen spaces, built-in hobs can really elevate the overall kitchen design look and decor. 

What are the types of built-in hobs?

Now there are different types of built-in hobs that you can choose from, if you plan to get one in your kitchen.

  • Finishing: If you wish to make a choice on the basis of the finishing, then you can choose between glass-ceramic finish and stainless steel finish. Both these styles offer various designs and sizes, and come between three to five burners. Speaking economically, the stainless steel finishing is a lot more affordable than the glass-ceramic one.
  • Flame control: Built-in hobs come in different flame control capacities. You can choose between the multi-flame control hob or European burners. Multi-flame control hobs come with double and triple-ring brass burners and have high flames that work best for the Indian cooking style and requirement, whereas European burners have low flame that is great if Indian cooking is not your priority.
  • Ignition: You can opt for manual ignition hobs, which can be operated with a lighter, or you can go for auto-ignition built-in hobs that operate electrically. 

How to clean a built-in hob?

It is essential to routinely clean your built-on hob in order to maintain it. Wipe it thoroughly with a sponge or a damp cloth, and don’t use harsh cleaning agents. Also note, you don’t want to clean it with water or spill liquids as it can seep into burners and damage them. You will also have to get your hob removed and cleaned professionally every once in a while.   

So here is all you need to know about built-in kitchen hobs. If you want to install one in your home, go through all the requirements and then opt for a skilled expert to do the job for you.